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A Few Words About Us

HISPANOBELUX – leader in the bathroom furnishings sector – is a name synonymous with quality, dynamism, research, technology, flexibility, and maximising production capacity. Constant research animates all sectors of the group and results in innovative bathroom furniture and accessories; it is also the company’s underlying strategy to meet the challenges of the increasingly diffuse and demanding market of bathroom furniture.

Customer satisfaction is a constantly moving target. HISPANOBELUX continues to hit the mark year after year thanks to the symbiotic relationship among several companies which manage to deftly respond to the market by offering a wide range of bathroom furniture, highly competitive in terms of design, quality, and price.

HISPANOBELUX is the company with the longest history. Over the course of its development, it has always been able to integrate new skills and techniques to offer bathroom furniture product lines able to adapt in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to their environment. It is bathroom furniture with a modern style which is at once refined and elegant; the designs range from the most innovative to timeless classics. This aesthetic, combined with production adaptability and flexibility, has enabled the company to successfully explore materials and technologies; in this way, it is able to deliver a superior bathroom furniture product to its customers.