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  • Furniture Set Catalonia 850 Hotel

Furniture Set Catalonia 850 Hotel



The collection of furniture is the author's development of the company "Hispanobelux". Aesthetic pleasure is caused by the design of the washbasin made of artificial marble, created at the Hispanobelux. The surface of the facades, framed by a gold patina along a milled pattern, has a five-layered matt and high-gloss coating. Cabinets and cabinets have an ergonomic design. The drawer of the cabinet and the cabinet is equipped with full-flush mounting flush-mounted guides with a door closer allowing easy opening and closing of the box. Handles specially selected for this series, give the saturation of the entire composition. The mirror is equipped with a built-in halogen backlight. Supports are made of solid wood, which ensures the strength and durability of the structure. Original design solutions make the collection unique.

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